Using General Setup Functions

This section summarizes the general Setup functions. Device installation applications can use these functions to do the following:

  • Read and process INF files.

  • Determine the amount of free space that is required on the installation's target system.

  • Move files from installation source media to media on the installation's target system, while requesting user intervention as needed.

  • Create a log of files moved during an installation.

  • Write log entries to the SetupAPI text logs.

Installation software typically uses these functions together with device installation functions and PnP configuration manager functions.

The general Setup functions listed in this section are described in detail in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.

This section includes the following topics:

INF File Processing Functions

Disk Prompting and Error Handling Functions

File Queuing Functions

Default Queue Callback Routine Functions

Cabinet File Function

Disk-Space List Functions

MRU Source List Functions

File Log Functions

User Interface Functions

SetupAPI Logging Functions