Connection-Oriented NDIS

This section describes connection-oriented NDIS (CoNDIS). Most CoNDIS 6.0 and later driver operations have not changed from their CoNDIS 5.x versions. For more information about the differences between CoNDIS 5.x and CoNDIS 6.0, see Porting CoNDIS 5.x Drivers to CoNDIS 6.0.

Unless noted otherwise, CoNDIS drivers provide the same services as connectionless NDIS drivers. You should be familiar with connectionless NDIS drivers before you attempt to write CoNDIS drivers. For more information about connectionless NDIS drivers, see Writing NDIS Miniport Drivers, Writing NDIS Protocol Drivers, and Writing NDIS Intermediate Drivers.

The following sections describe connection-oriented NDIS:

Connection-Oriented Environment

Using AFs, VCs, SAPs, and Parties

Quality of Service

MCM Drivers vs. Call Managers

Connection-Oriented Timing Features

CoNDIS Registration

Connection-Oriented Operations