Creating a Service Provider for a SAN

This section provides a brief description of the functions that make up the interface between a SAN service provider DLL and the Windows Sockets switch. The SAN service provider DLL exports a single entry point for its initialization function WSPStartupEx. The SAN service provider's WSPStartupEx function in turn makes most of the other interface functions accessible to the Windows Sockets switch through a dispatch table. The remaining interface functions are supplied to the switch through calls to the SAN service provider's WSPIoctl function. The interface functions include Windows Sockets SPI functions and SAN-specific extensions to the Windows Sockets SPI interface.

The Windows Sockets Direct reference provides detailed information about these functions as implemented in a SAN service provider. Do not use the Microsoft Windows SDK descriptions of the Windows Sockets SPI functions. The Windows SDK descriptions do not contain SAN-specific requirements.

This section also lists the Windows Sockets SPI functions that a SAN service provider is not required to supply.