DDInstall.Services Section in a Network INF File

A DDInstall.Services section in a network INF file is based on the generic INF DDInstall.Services section.

A DDInstall.Services section contains one or more AddService directives, each of which references an INF-writer-defined service-install- section that specifies how and when the services of particular component drivers are loaded.

A DDInstall.Services section is required in an INF file that installs a Net component (adapter); it is optional in an INF file that installs a NetTrans, NetClient, or NetService component.

Note  NetClient components are deprecated in Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and later.

An AddService directive in a DDInstall.Services section can also reference an error-log-install-section that installs an error log for a component. An error log is optional for all network components.

For more information, see INF AddService Directive.

The following is an example of a DDInstall.Services section, a service-install-section, an error-log-install-section, and an add-registry-section that is referenced by an AddReg directive in the error-log-install-section:

AddService = a1, 2, a1.AddService, a1.AddEventLog
DisplayName = %Adapter1.DispName%
ServiceBinary = %12%\a1.sys
LoadOrderGroup = NDIS
AddReg = a1.AddEventLog.reg

The ServiceName parameter of the AddService directive, which in the above example is a1(the first AddService parameter), must match the component's Ndi\Service value. For more information, see Adding Service-Related Values to the Ndi Key.