Handling NDIS Ports PnP Event Notifications

NDIS forwards PnP events to notify overlying drivers when ports are activated or deactivated. NDIS and miniport drivers do not generate a PnP event when a port is allocated. Miniport drivers notify NDIS that ports have been activated with the NetEventPortActivation PnP event and miniport drivers generate a NetEventPortDeactivation PnP event to notify NDIS that some ports have been deactivated.

When NDIS calls the ProtocolBindAdapterEx function of a protocol driver, NDIS provides a list of all currently active ports in the ActivePorts member of the NDIS_BIND_PARAMETERS structure at the BindParameters parameter.

The following topics describe how to handle port PnP events:

Handling the Port Activation PnP Event

Handling the Port Deactivation PnP Event