Including Header Files for IP Helper

Driver code that uses the kernel-mode IP Helper functions, MIB structures, and enumerations that are declared in Netioapi.h must have #include statements in the following sequence.

#include <ntddk.h>
#include <netioapi.h>

Note  Do not include Iphlpapi.h in driver code. It is used only for user-mode applications.

When Netioapi.h is used with kernel-mode drivers, it already includes networking header files that define Winsock Kernel, network interface information, the network layer, and Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) types.

Therefore, do not include the following header files in your driver code:

  • Ifdef.h
  • Nldef.h
  • Ws2def.h
  • Ws2ipdef.h

For information about the user-mode versions of the IP Helper functions and MIB structures, see the Windows SDK documentation.