Initializing an NDK Miniport Adapter

A Network Direct kernel (NDK) miniport adapter is initialized in the same way as other miniport adapters: NDIS calls the miniport adapter's MiniportInitializeEx function as described in Initializing a Miniport Adapter. This topic describes the NDK-specific requirements for the miniport adapter's MiniportInitializeEx function.

In its MiniportInitializeEx function, the miniport driver must do the following:

  1. Populate an NDIS_MINIPORT_ADAPTER_NDK_ATTRIBUTES structure for the adapter as follows:

    • The miniport driver sets the Header member as described in the member description to identify the adapter as an NDK-capable miniport adapter.

    • The miniport driver sets the Enabled member to TRUE if its NDK functionality is enabled, or FALSE otherwise.


      For more information about querying and setting the current state of the miniport driver's NDK functionality, see Enabling and Disabling NDK Functionality.  

    • In the NdkCapabilities member, the miniport driver stores a pointer to an NDIS_NDK_CAPABILITIES structure that specifies the capabilities of the adapter.

  2. Call NdisMSetMiniportAttributes to set these attributes for the adapter.

Network Direct Kernel Provider Interface (NDKPI)