IPsec Task Offload Version 2 in NDIS 6.1

[The IPsec Task Offload feature is deprecated and should not be used.]

IPsec task offload provides offloading services for IPsec network data processing to IPsec offload-capable network interface cards (NICs). NDIS 6.1 and later support IPsec offload version 2 (IPsecOV2). IPsecOV2 extends support for additional crypto-algorithms, IPv6, and co-existence with large send offload (LSO).

IPsecOV2 uses the NDIS 6.1 direct OID request interface. For more information about the direct OID request interface, see Direct OID Request Interface in NDIS 6.1.

For more information about IPsecOV2, see IPsec Offload Version 2.