MAC/PHY Reset Request

Important The Native 802.11 Wireless LAN interface is deprecated in Windows 10 and later. Please use the WLAN Device Driver Interface (WDI) instead. For more information about WDI, see WLAN Universal Windows driver model.

When a method request of OID_DOT11_RESET_REQUEST is made, the miniport driver must validate parameters for the reset request. If the data is valid, the miniport driver must initiate the reset operation and do one of the following:

Wait for the reset operation to complete before the MiniportOidRequest function returns.

Initiate the reset operation and return NDIS_STATUS_PENDING from its MiniportOidRequest function. After the reset operation completes, the driver must call NdisMOidRequestComplete to complete the method request of OID_DOT11_RESET_REQUEST and confirm the completion of the reset operation. For more information about this procedure, see MAC/PHY Reset Confirmation.