MB Miniport driver Error Logging

MB miniport drivers should perform the following checks in their MiniportInitializeEx function, such as:

  • The presence of the correct device firmware version required to support the MB driver model.

  • An available COM port to communicate with the device.

  • No resource conflicts.

If a miniport driver fails to obtain resources it requires, it should return NDIS_STATUS_RESOURCES from its MiniportInitializeEx function. Miniport drivers should call NdisWriteErrorLogEntry to log the details of failure to the Windows Event Log.

Miniport drivers should specify the error code in the first element of the last parameter in the call to NdisWriteErrorLogEntry (a variable-sized array of ULONGs) according to the information in the following table.

Error code Description


The device is running an unsupported firmware version.


Unable to open COM port for communicating with the device.


Any other resource conflict.

Miniport drivers can put other values in the remainder of the elements of variable-sized array.