Miniport Adapter Shutdown

An NDIS miniport driver must register a MiniportShutdownEx function during miniport driver initialization.

NDIS calls an NDIS miniport driver's MiniportShutdownEx function when the system is shutting down. MiniportShutdownEx restores the hardware to a known state.

The ShutdownAction parameter that NDIS passed to MiniportShutdownEx informs the miniport driver of the reason for the shutdown.

The shutdown handler can be called as a result of a user operation, in which case it runs at IRQL = PASSIVE_LEVEL. It can also be called as a result of an unrecoverable system error, in which case it can be running at any IRQL.

MiniportShutdownEx should call no Ndis*Xxx* functions. The miniport driver can call functions for reading and writing I/O ports or disabling the DMA engine to return the hardware to a known state.

Unlike MiniportHaltEx, MiniportShutdownEx should not release any allocated resources. MiniportShutdownEx should just stop the NIC.

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