Mobile Broadband (MB) Design Guide Topics

The Mobile Broadband (MB) Design Guide sections describe the operations and tasks that Mobile Broadband miniport drivers must perform.

This section includes the following topics:

Roadmap to Develop MB Miniport Drivers

MB Interface Model

MB Interface Overview

MB Operation Flowcharts

MB Device Readiness

MB Service Detection and Activation

MB Radio Power State Operations

MB PIN Operations

MB Provider Operations

MB Registration Operations

MB Packet Service Attach Operations

MB Signal Strength Operations

MB Packet Context Management

MB DNS Updates

MB SMS Operations

MB Vendor Specific Operations

MB USSD Operations

MB Device Services

MB Multimode Multicarrier

MB Multi-SIM Operations

MB Provisioned Context Operations

MB Network Blacklist Operations

MB LTE Attach Operations

MB Protocol Configuration Options (PCO) operations

MB low level UICC access

MB device-based reset and recovery

MB hang detection

MB modem reset operations

MB SAR Platform Support

MB base stations information query support

MB eSIM MBIM ready state guidance

MB NDIS Status Notifications

Supplemental MB Documentation

Mobile Broadband Reference