Models Section in a Network INF File

The Models section in a network INF file is based on the generic INF Models section.

The Models section in an INF file contains an entry of the following format for each type of component installed by the INF file:

[device-description=, hw-id[, compatible-id...]

For a detailed description of this entry, see Creating an INF File.

The hw-id (also known as the device, hardware, or component ID) for a network adapter must match the hardware ID supplied by the adapter to the PnP manager.

The hw-id for a network software component should consist of a provider name, followed by an underscore, and a manufacturer name or the product name, for example:

  • MS_DLC


A provider name identifies the provider of the INF file. A manufacturer name identifies the manufacturer of the software component. The product name identifies the software component.