NDIS network interface OIDs

NDIS network interface object identifiers (OIDs) provide information about network interfaces to support the MIB (RFC 2863).

NDIS interface providers must support these OIDs. Drivers that are not registered interface providers should not support the OIDs in this section.

NDIS calls the ProviderQueryObject function to make a query request for information from the interface provider. The ObjectId parameter of this function contains the object identifier. The interface provider registered ProviderQueryObject when it called the NdisIfRegisterProvider function to register as an interface provider.

The handle at the ProviderIfContext parameter of the ProviderQueryObject function identifies the network interface. This handle was provided to NDIS when the interface provider called the NdisIfRegisterInterface function to register the interface. The pOutputBuffer parameter of the ProviderQueryObject function contains the result of the OID request.

For more information about NDIS network interface OIDs, see NDIS 6.0 Network Interfaces.

This section describes the following NDIS network interface OIDs:

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