Obtaining the Current Settings of WOL Patterns

Overlying drivers can use the OID_PM_WOL_PATTERN_LIST OID query request to enumerate the wake-on-LAN (WOL) patterns that are set on an underlying network adapter. After a successful return from the query, the InformationBuffer member of the NDIS_OID_REQUEST structure contains a pointer to a list of NDIS_PM_WOL_PATTERN structures that describe the currently added WOL patterns. For information about the contents of the NDIS_PM_WOL_PATTERN structure, see Adding and Deleting Wake on LAN Patterns.

NDIS handles OID_PM_WOL_PATTERN_LIST OID requests on behalf of the miniport driver. Therefore, NDIS miniport drivers are not required to support OID_PM_WOL_PATTERN_LIST OID request.