The protocol edge of the Hyper-V extensible switch issues an object identifier (OID) set request of OID_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE_COMPLETE to notify Hyper-V extensible switch extensions about the completion of the operation to save run-time data. Through this operation, the extension saves run-time data for a port and its associated network adapter connection.

The InformationBuffer member of the NDIS_OID_REQUEST structure contains a pointer to an NDIS_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE_STATE structure.


When it receives the OID set request of OID_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE_COMPLETE, the extension must follow these guidelines:

  • The extension must not modify the NDIS_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE_STATE structure that is associated with the OID request.

  • The extension must call NdisFOidRequest to forward this OID set request to underlying extensions in the extensible switch driver stack. The extension must not fail the OID request.

OID set requests of OID_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE_COMPLETE are ultimately handled by the underlying miniport edge of the extensible switch. After this OID method request has been received by the miniport edge, it completes the OID request with NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS. This notifies the protocol edge of the extensible switch that all extensions in the extensible switch driver stack have completed the save operation.

For more information on how to save run-time data for an extensible switch port, see Saving Hyper-V Extensible Switch Run-Time Data.

Return Status Codes

The underlying miniport edge of the extensible switch completes the OID query request of OID_SWITCH_NIC_SAVE_COMPLETE and returns one of the following status codes.

Status Code Description


The OID request completed successfully.



Supported in NDIS 6.30 and later.


Ntddndis.h (include Ndis.h)

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