OID_WWAN_LTE_ATTACH_CONFIG enables the operating system to query or set the default LTE attach context of the inserted SIM's provider (MCC/MNC pair).

Miniport drivers must process Query requests asynchronously, initially returning NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION_REQUIRED to the original request before later sending an NDIS_STATUS_WWAN_LTE_ATTACH_CONFIG status notification containing an NDIS_WWAN_LTE_ATTACH_CONTEXTS structure that describes the LTE attach configuration.

For Set requests, this OID's payload contains an NDIS_WWAN_SET_LTE_ATTACH_CONTEXT structure that describes LTE attach context information for the modem to set.


After each Query or Set request, the miniport driver should return an NDIS_STATUS_WWAN_LTE_ATTACH_CONFIG notification that describes the LTE attach configuration.

For more information about using this OID, see MBIM_CID_MS_LTE_ATTACH_CONFIG.


Version Windows 10, version 1703
Header Ntddndis.h (include Ndis.h)

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