Porting a CoNDIS 5.x Driver to CoNDIS 6.0

This section describes how to port connection-oriented (CoNDIS) drivers from the NDIS 5.x versions to the NDIS 6.0 version. Like prior versions, NDIS 6.0 supports CoNDIS call managers, protocol drivers, miniport drivers, intermediate drivers, and miniport call managers (MCMs). For general information about CoNDIS, see Connection-Oriented NDIS.

NDIS 6.0 retains backward compatibility with earlier NDIS versions. For more information about backward compatibility, see NDIS 6.0 Backward Compatibility.

For a summary of CoNDIS 6.0 driver porting issues, see Summary of Changes Required to Port a CoNDIS Driver to CoNDIS 6.0.

The following topics describe how to port a CoNDIS 5.x driver to CoNDIS 6.0 in more detail:

Porting CoNDIS Driver Registration to CoNDIS 6.0

Porting Address Family Close Operations to CoNDIS 6.0

Porting Send and Receive Operations to CoNDIS 6.0

Porting OID Request Operations to CoNDIS 6.0

Porting Status Indication Operations to CoNDIS 6.0