Porting Address Family Close Operations to CoNDIS 6.0

In CoNDIS 5.x, before a call manager closes a binding to an underlying miniport adapter, it issues an OID_CO_AF_CLOSE request to each CoNDIS client that has the associated address family (AF). When the clients receive the OID request, the clients close the address family.

CoNDIS 6.0 drivers do not use the OID_CO_AF_CLOSE OID request. In NDIS 6.0, a call manager calls the NdisCmNotifyCloseAddressFamily function or, if it is a miniport call manager (MCM), the NdisMCmNotifyCloseAddressFamily function to request that each client close the AF.

CoNDIS 6.0 clients must register a ProtocolClNotifyCloseAf function. If a call manager or MCM calls NdisCmNotifyCloseAddressFamily or NdisMCmNotifyCloseAddressFamily, NDIS calls the ProtocolClNotifyCloseAf function of any client that is associated with the specified AF. A client can close the AF from within the call to ProtocolClNotifyCloseAf or it can return NDIS_STATUS_PENDING and call the NdisClNotifyCloseAddressFamilyComplete function to complete the operation. If the client completes the operation by calling NdisClNotifyCloseAddressFamilyComplete, NDIS calls the call manager's ProtocolCmNotifyCloseAfComplete function to complete the operation.

For more information about closing an address family in a call manager or MCM, see Closing a CoNDIS 6.0 Call Manager or MCM. For more information about closing an address family in a client, see Closing an Address Family in a CoNDIS 6.0 Client.