Setting CoNDIS WAN Miniport Driver Information

This topic provides an overview of the requirements for setting information in a CoNDIS WAN miniport driver. An upper-layer driver calls NdisCoOidRequest with a set request to change information that a CoNDIS WAN miniport driver and the miniport driver's NIC maintain.

After the NDISWAN intermediate driver forwards the set request, NDIS calls the WAN miniport driver's MiniportCoOidRequest function. In a CoNDIS WAN miniport driver, this function is the same as in any CoNDIS miniport driver, except that the CoNDIS WAN miniport driver supports CoNDIS WAN Objects.

No other requests will be submitted to the CoNDIS WAN miniport driver until the current set request is complete. If the miniport driver does not immediately complete the set request, it returns NDIS_STATUS_PENDING from MiniportCoOidRequest and must later call NdisCoOidRequestComplete to complete the request.

A CoNDIS WAN miniport driver must recognize and respond properly to the following CoNDIS WAN OIDs.

Name Optional or Required

OID_WAN_CO_SET_LINK_INFO Set information for a VC.


A CoNDIS WAN miniport driver also supports the NDIS General Objects. To learn more about setting information in a CoNDIS miniport driver, see Querying or Setting Information.