Specifying the Name and Provider Path for a NetClient Component

An INF file that installs a NetClient component must add a NetworkProvider key to the service key for the component. The INF file adds the NetworkProvider key through an add-registry-section that is referenced by an AddReg directive in the service-install section for the component.

The NetworkProvider key has two values: a Name that specifies the name of the network provider, and a ProviderPath that specifies the full path to the network provider DLL.

The following is an example of an add-registry-section that adds the NetworkProvider key to the instance key for a component:

HKR, NetworkProvider, Name, 0, "NetWare or Compatible Network"
HKR, NetworkProvider, ProviderPath, 0x20000, "%11%\nwprovau.dll"

Note An INF file that installs a NetClient component does not have to update the ProviderOrder value under the component's ... Control\Network\Provider\Order key. This is done automatically by the network class installer.

Note NetClient components are deprecated in Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and later.