Standardized INF Keywords for Packet Coalescing

A standardized INF keyword is defined to enable or disable support for packet coalescing on a miniport driver.

The INF file for the miniport driver of an adapter that supports packet coalescing must specify the *PacketCoalescing standardized INF keyword. Once the driver is installed, administrators can update the *PacketCoalescing keyword value in the Advanced property page for the adapter. For more information about advanced properties, see Specifying Configuration Parameters for the Advanced Properties Page.

Note The miniport driver is automatically restarted after a change is made in the Advanced property page for the adapter.

The *PacketCoalescing INF keyword is an enumeration keyword. The following table describes the possible INF entries for the *PacketCoalescing INF keyword. The columns in this table describe the following attributes for an enumeration keyword:

The name of the keyword that you must specify in the INF file. This name also appears in the registry under the NDI\params\ key for the network adapter.

The display text that is associated with SubkeyName.

Note The independent hardware vendor (IHV) can define any descriptive text for the SubkeyName.

The enumeration integer value that is associated with each SubkeyName in the list.

The display text that is associated with each value that appears in the menu.

SubkeyName ParamDesc Value EnumDesc


Packet coalescing



1 (Default)


The miniport driver must check the *PacketCoalescing keyword value in the registry before it advertises its support for packet coalescing. If the *PacketCoalescing keyword has a value of zero, the miniport must not advertise support for any packet coalescing capabilities. For more information, see Reporting Packet Coalescing Capabilities.

For more information about standardized INF keywords, see Standardized INF Keywords for Network Devices.