Transport layer discard reasons

The identifiers for the possible reasons that data is discarded by one of the transport layers are as follows. These identifiers are constant values in the INET_DISCARD_REASON enumeration that is defined in Fwpsk.h.

Discard reason identifier Discard reason description
InetDiscardSourceUnspecified The outgoing packet's source address is unspecified.
InetDiscardDestinationMulticast The outgoing packet's destination address is an unspecified address, and the transport does not support multicast addresses.
InetDiscardHeaderInvalid The packet's transport protocol header is invalid.
InetDiscardChecksumInvalid The checksum in the packet's transport protocol header is invalid.
InetDiscardEndpointNotFound The endpoint specified in the packet's header could not be found.
InetDiscardConnectedPath The packet remote address does not match the remote address of a connected endpoint.
InetDiscardSessionState The packet cannot be delivered based on network layer information.
InetDiscardReceiveInspection The connection was closed due to a receive inspection failure.
InetDiscardAckInvalid The packet is an invalid ACK segment.
InetDiscardExpectedSyn A SYN segment was expected.
InetDiscardRst The packet is an invalid RST segment.
InetDiscardSynRcvdSyn A TCP connection in SYN_RCVD state received another SYN segment.
InetDiscardSimultaneousConnect A TCP connection has encountered the simultaneous-connect condition.
InetDiscardPawsFailed A TCP PAWS check failed.
InetDiscardLandAttack The packet was detected as part of a Land Attack.
InetDiscardMissedReset An SYN segment outside the receive window was received on a SYN_RCVD connection. An RST may have been missed.
InetDiscardOutsideWindow A TCP segment was outside the receive window.
InetDiscardDuplicateSegment A duplicate TCP segment was received.
InetDiscardClosedWindow The TCP receive window was closed.
InetDiscardTcbRemoved The TCP connection was closed.
InetDiscardFinWait2 The TCP connection is closing.
InetDiscardReassemblyConflict A TCP data reassembly conflict was encountered on reception of a FIN segment.
InetDiscardFinReceived A FIN was already received on a TCP connection; no more data can be received.
InetDiscardListenerInvalidFlags A segment with invalid flags was received by a listening TCP socket.
InetDiscardUrgentDeliveryAllocationFailure There is insufficient memory for URG delivery on a TCP connection.
InetDiscardTcbNotInTcbTable A TCP connection was closed due to urgent delivery.
InetDiscardTimeWaitTcbReceivedRstOutsideWindow A TIME_WAIT state TCP connection received an RSP segment outside the window.
InetDiscardTimeWaitTcbSynAndOtherFlags A TIME_WAIT state TCP connection received a segment with SYN and one or more incompatible flags.
InetDiscardTimeWaitTcb A TIME_WAIT state TCP connection received an invalid segment.