Version Section in a Network INF File

The Version section in a network INF file is based on the generic INF Version section.

The Version section in a network INF file has the following network-specific entries:


The Version section should contain a Class entry which identifies the class of network component that is installed by the file.

There are four network classes:

Specifies a physical or virtual network adapter. NDIS intermediate drivers, which export virtual network adapters, are included in the Net class.

Specifies a network protocol, such as TCP/IP, IPX, a connection-oriented client, or a connection-oriented call manager.

Specifies a network client, such as the Microsoft Client for Networks or the NetWare Client. A NetClient component is considered to be a network provider and, if it provides print services over the network, it is also considered to be a print provider.

Note NetClient components are deprecated in Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and later.

Specifies a network service, such as a file service or a print service.

Note Infrared Data Association (IrDA) compliant devices are not categorized as any of the previous four network classes, even though they are installed by the network class installer. An INF file that is used to install an IrDA device should have a Class value of Infrared. This class includes both Serial-IR and Fast-IR devices.

Note Support for IrDA miniport drivers has been removed from NDIS 6.30 (Windows 8) and later.


The Version section must contain a ClassGuid entry. The network class installer uses the ClassGuid entry to determine the class of network component being installed.

There are four network ClassGuid values, each of which corresponds to a network class:

Network class ClassGuid









An INF file for an IrDA device should have a ClassGuid value of


Signature and Operating System Entries

The Signature entry must be $Windows NT$.


The PnpLockDown entry should be set to 1 to prevents applications from directly modifying the files that your driver package's INF file specifies. For more information about this entry, see INF Version Section.


The CatalogFile entry is used to declare an optional driver-supplied .cat file. For more information, see the Vendor-supplied files section of Components and Files Used for Network Component Installation.

Version Section Example

The following is an example of a Version section for an INF file that installs a network adapter:

Signature = $Windows NT$
ClassGuid = {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
Provider = %Msft%
PnpLockDown = 1
CatalogFile =

The Provider entry indicates the developer of the INF file, not the developer of the component that is installed by the INF file.