WDI general datapath interfaces

802.11 frame handling and frame metadata

802.11 frames are passed between WDI and the TAL in the form of NET_BUFFER_LIST (NBL) chains. Each NBL represents one MSDU. Through macros, the NBL structure provides operations on the data buffers and access to metadata, including operating system populated Wi-Fi TX metadata. The structure is extensible through its context and MiniportReserved members. MiniportReserved[0] points to a buffer of type WDI_FRAME_METADATA. This buffer is allocated by WDI in the TX path, and by the TAL in the RX path via the callback NdisWdiAllocateWiFiFrameMetaData. The TAL uses MiniportReserved[1] to store any additional frame metadata.

Datapath management requests and indications

For datapath management request and indication function reference, see WDI Datapath Management Functions.