Near-field communication (NFC) device drivers in Windows 10

This topic summarizes the new features and improvements for near-field communication (NFC) device drivers in Windows 10.

  • The NFC device driver model has converged for both desktop and mobile devices to create a universal NFC device driver model. Hardware partners can now build a single driver that can run on all Windows device platforms.

  • The NFC class extension (CX) implements the Windows-defined device driver interfaces to interact with the NFC controller, secure elements, and remote RF endpoints.

  • An in-box NFC radio manager has been added to take care of managing airplane mode for NFC. Do not package IHV-supplied NFC radio managers with NFC drivers (as was done in earlier versions of Windows). Installing an IHV-supplied NFC radio manager alongside the Windows 10 NFC radio manager will cause conflicts between those software components.