Best Practices for the Design of PC Cards and Card Drivers

Vendors and developers should observe the following cautions in order to avoid problems related with interrupt sharing:

  • Driver developers should design drivers to support sharable PCI interrupts.

  • PC Card manufacturers should manufacture CardBus cards instead of 16-bit PC Cards, because they are PCI compliant.

  • All 16-bit PC Cards should support sharable PCI interrupts.

  • All 16-bit PC Cards should support the flexible allocation of I/O resources for devices that connect to them. In particular, cards should not request specific ranges of I/O space. Instead, they should request the amount of I/O space they require and allow the system to allocate the addresses flexibly.

  • Computer manufacturers should be aware that there are devices that require ISA IRQs, and should ensure that ISA IRQs are available to CardBus controllers in the system.

  • Computer manufacturers should ensure that the BIOS code sets CardBus controllers to PCIC mode.