Changes to Printer Forms in Windows Vista

Before Windows Vista, forms were identified internally by using the name and size of the form. This method, however, did not always work well when the print servers and the client computers used printer drivers that were localized to different languages. In Windows Vista, the print spooler has been improved so printer drivers can support client computers and print servers that are localized to different languages.

Windows Vista adds the FORM_INFO_2 data structure, which is a superset of the FORM_INFO_1 data structure that contains additional members for the information that you need to enable printer drivers to work across systems with different languages.

The Unidrv printer driver was also upgraded for Windows Vista to use the FORM_INFO_2 data structure and to fill in the additional members by using the data from the GPD file. You can upgrade monolithic printer drivers that use the FORM_INFO_1 structure to use the FORM_INFO_2 structure if they need the additional information that the new structure provides.

This section describes how you can update the GPD file of your Unidrv printer driver or the code in your monolithic printer driver to use the new members that the FORM_INFO_2 data structure provides.

This section describes the following improvements in printer forms for Windows Vista:

FORM_INFO_2 Data Structure

Improved Form Matching Algorithm

Improved Form-to-Tray Matching Algorithm

For more information about using printer forms, see the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.

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