Customized Color Formats

Unidrv supports several color formats, which are listed in Handling Color Formats. For these formats, Unidrv converts GDI bitmaps into the correct format before sending it to the printer. If your printer accepts formats not supported by Unidrv, you must provide a rendering plug-in that implements the IPrintOemUni::ImageProcessing method.

If you implement IPrintOemUni::ImageProcessing, and if the user selects a color format (ColorMode option) that Unidrv cannot handle, then each time a buffer of GDI bitmap data is ready for printing, Unidrv calls the method and passes the bitmap's address as an input argument. The method must convert the bitmap to the specified format, perform customized halftoning operations if necessary, and call the IPrintOemDriverUni::DrvWriteSpoolBuf method to send the modified bitmap to the print spooler. It must also call the IPrintOemDriverUni::DrvXMoveTo and IPrintOemDriverUni::DrvYMoveTo methods to update the cursor position. For more information about these operations, see the description of IPrintOemUni::ImageProcessing.

If a rendering plug-in implements IPrintOemUni::ImageProcessing, it can also implement IPrintOemUni::MemoryUsage.

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