Default PageMediaSize Mappings

This section shows the default mappings between the PageMediaSize option of the PrintTicket and the GPD/PPD file entries.

PageMediaSize value GPD/PPD file entry
PrintTicket CustomMediaSize GPD CUSTOMSIZE
PrintTicket NorthAmerica10x11 GPD 10X11
PrintTicket NorthAmerica10x14 GPD 10X14
PrintTicket NorthAmerica11x17 GPD 11X17
PrintTicket NorthAmerica9x11 GPD 9X11
PrintTicket NorthAmericaSuperA GPD A_PLUS
PrintTicket ISOA2 GPD A2
PrintTicket ISOA3 GPD A3
PrintTicket ISOA3Extra GPD A3_EXTRA
PrintTicket ISOA4 GPD A4
PrintTicket ISOA4Extra GPD A4_EXTRA
PrintTicket OtherMetricA4Plus GPD A4_PLUS
PrintTicket ISOA5 GPD A5
PrintTicket ISOA5Extra GPD A5_EXTRA
PrintTicket ISOA6 GPD A6
PrintTicket NorthAmericaSuperB GPD B_PLUS
PrintTicket JISB4 GPD B4
PrintTicket JISB5 GPD B5
PrintTicket ISOB5Extra GPD B5_EXTRA
PrintTicket JISB6 GPD B6_JIS
PrintTicket NorthAmericaCSheet GPD CSHEET
PrintTicket JapanDoubleHagakiPostcard GPD DBL_JAPANESE_POSTCARD
PrintTicket NorthAmericaDSheet GPD DSHEET
PrintTicket NorthAmericaNumber10Envelope GPD ENV_10
PrintTicket NorthAmericaNumber11Envelope GPD ENV_11
PrintTicket NorthAmericaNumber12Envelope GPD ENV_12
PrintTicket NorthAmericaNumber14Envelope GPD ENV_14
PrintTicket NorthAmericaNumber9Envelope GPD ENV_9
PrintTicket ISOB4Envelope GPD ENV_B4
PrintTicket ISOB5Envelope GPD ENV_B5
PrintTicket ISOC3Envelope GPD ENV_C3
PrintTicket ISOC4Envelope GPD ENV_C4
PrintTicket ISOC5Envelope GPD ENV_C5
PrintTicket ISOC6Envelope GPD ENV_C6
PrintTicket ISOC65Envelope GPD ENV_C65
PrintTicket ISODLEnvelope GPD ENV_DL
PrintTicket OtherMetricInviteEnvelope GPD ENV_INVITE
PrintTicket OtherMetricItalianEnvelope GPD ENV_ITALY
PrintTicket NorthAmericaMonarchEnvelope GPD ENV_MONARCH
PrintTicket NorthAmericaPersonalEnvelope GPD ENV_PERSONAL
PrintTicket NorthAmericaESheet GPD ESHEET
PrintTicket NorthAmericaExecutive GPD EXECUTIVE
PrintTicket NorthAmericaGermanLegalFanfold GPD FANFOLD_LGL_GERMAN
PrintTicket NorthAmericaGermanStandardFanfold GPD FANFOLD_STD_GERMAN
PrintTicket OtherMetricFolio GPD FOLIO
PrintTicket ISOB4 GPD ISO_B4
PrintTicket JapanHagakiPostcard GPD JAPANESE_POSTCARD
PrintTicket JapanChou3Envelope GPD JENV_CHOU3
PrintTicket JapanChou4Envelope GPD JENV_CHOU4
PrintTicket JapanKaku2Envelope GPD JENV_KAKU2
PrintTicket JapanKaku3Envelope GPD JENV_KAKU3
PrintTicket JapanYou4Envelope GPD JENV_YOU4
PrintTicket NorthAmericaLegal GPD LEGAL
PrintTicket NorthAmericaLegalExtra GPD LEGAL_EXTRA
PrintTicket NorthAmericaLetter GPD LETTER
PrintTicket NorthAmericaLetterExtra GPD LETTER_EXTRA
PrintTicket NorthAmericaLetterPlus GPD LETTER_PLUS
PrintTicket NorthAmericaNote GPD NOTE
PrintTicket PRC16K GPD P16K
PrintTicket PRC32K GPD P32K
PrintTicket PRC32KBig GPD P32KBIG
PrintTicket PRC1Envelope GPD PENV_1
PrintTicket PRC10Envelope GPD PENV_10
PrintTicket PRC2Envelope GPD PENV_2
PrintTicket PRC3Envelope GPD PENV_3
PrintTicket PRC4Envelope GPD PENV_4
PrintTicket PRC5Envelope GPD PENV_5
PrintTicket PRC6Envelope GPD PENV_6
PrintTicket PRC7Envelope GPD PENV_7
PrintTicket PRC8Envelope GPD PENV_8
PrintTicket PRC9Envelope GPD PENV_9
PrintTicket NorthAmericaQuarto GPD QUARTO
PrintTicket NorthAmericaStatement GPD STATEMENT
PrintTicket NorthAmericaTabloid GPD TABLOID
PrintTicket NorthAmericaTabloidExtra GPD TABLOID_EXTRA

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