GDL Directives for Templates

GDL has template directives that define the GDL schema by using templates.

GDL contains the following template directive:

  • *Template defines a template construct.

Several other directives are used within the template construct to complete the definition. The following lists describes some of the directives that are used within the template construct:

  • *Name is the name of the data entry keyword to bind to.

  • *Inherits inherits the properties of the specified template.

  • *Members uses the specified template trees in the binding process.

  • *Type is the type of object that this template defines.

  • *Production, *Member, and *Occurs define the content that is allowed for a construct. Note that the content depends on the configuration.

  • *Additive describes which definition of an entry shall be shown in the snapshot if the entry is multiply defined.

  • *ValueType assigns a data type to the value of an attribute.

  • *DataType, *ElementType, *ArrayLabel, and *ElementTags define the data types.

For more information about template directives, see GDL Template Directives

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