The IPrintTicketProvider::GetSupportedVersions method returns the major version numbers of the Print Schemas that print driver supports. For now, version 1 is the only version that exists so this method must return only one supported version.

The implementation shown in the following sample code will work for the initial version of Windows Vista and until a new version is added. When a new version is supported, this value will change.

GetSupportedVersions(THIS_ HANDLE hPrinter,
                           INT *ppVersions[],
                           INT *pcVersions)
    if ( (*ppVersions = (INT*)CoTaskMemAlloc(sizeof(INT))) != NULL)
         (*ppVersions)[0] = 1;  // Version 1
        *pcVersions = 1; // 1 supported version
        return S_OK;
        return E_OUTOFMEMORY;

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