Hard-Coded UniDrv and PScript5 Features for XPSDrv

When running in XPSDrv mode, all Unidrv or PScript5 hard-coded features are disabled. Unidrv/PScript5 hard-coded features are features that the driver's GPD/PPD file does not specify.

The hard-coded features are disabled in the following manner:

  • The features are not shown in any user interface (UI) for Unidrv or PScript5 core drivers.

  • For the Microsoft Win32 DeviceCapabilities API, the Unidrv or PScript5 driver's DrvDeviceCapabilities function does not report the hard-coded features.

  • PrintCapabilities XML do not contain the hard-coded features.

  • Default PrintTickets do not contain settings for the hard-coded features.

The remaining topics in this section further describe the changes in Unidrv/PScript5-based XPSDrv in the preceding areas to disable hard-coded features.

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