HP-GL/2 Monochrome (PCL-5e) Vector Graphics Support

HP-GL/2 monochrome (PCL-5e) vector graphics support in Unidrv running on Windows XP and later allows the printer driver to create job data in a format that is optimal for the device: vector graphics versus raster graphics. This normally results in less system overhead, less output data to transmit, and faster print throughput.

HP-GL/2 uses most of the currently-defined GPD features for job setup, page setup, media selection, and paper size. The actual drawing commands are hard-coded in the driver.

The following topics are covered:

Enabling HP-GL/2 Vector Graphics Support (PCL-5e) in the GPD

Halftone Algorithms

HP-GL/2 Supported Fonts

HP-GL/2 Caveats

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