IPrintOemPS COM Interface

The IPrintOemPS COM interface is the means by which the printer graphics DLL for Pscript5 communicates with a rendering plug-in. The IPrintOemPS interface is implemented by each rendering plug-in.

The following table lists and describes all of the methods provided by the IPrintOemPS interface. Rendering plug-ins must define all the listed methods. If a method is not needed, it can simply return E_NOTIMPL.

Method Description


Allows a rendering plug-in to insert Postscript commands into the print job's data stream.


Performs operations on a rendering plug-in's private DEVMODEW members.


Frees resources that were allocated by a rendering plug-in's IPrintOemPS::EnableDriver method.


Allows a rendering plug-in to delete the private PDEV structure that was allocated by its IPrintOemPS::EnablePDEV method.


Allows a rendering plug-in to hook out some graphics DDI functions. Note that this method and IPrintOemPS::DisableDriver must be considered as a pair; if one is implemented, the other must be implemented as well.


Allows a rendering plug-in to create its own PDEV structure.


(Implementation required.) Returns rendering plug-in identification information.


(Implementation required.) Supplies a pointer to the Pscript5 driver's IPrintOemDriverPS COM interface, IPrintCorePS2 COM interface, or IPrintCoreHelperPS interface.


Allows a rendering plug-in to reset its PDEV structure.

For more information, see Implementing Printer Driver COM Interfaces.

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