IPrintOemUI2 COM Interface

The IPrintOemUI2 COM interface extends the IPrintOemUI COM interface. In addition to all the methods in the IPrintOemUI interface, the IPrintOemUI2 interface provides the following methods.

Note If you are using the Windows Vista version of the Unidrv and Pscript DLLs, you can implement the following methods in Unidrv or Pscript5 plug-ins that run on Windows XP and later versions of Windows operating systems. Previous versions of the DLLs support the IPrintOEM2::HideStandardUI method in Pscript5 plug-ins only.

Method Description


Enables a UI plug-in to replace the core driver UI module's default implementation of the DrvDocumentEvent DDI.


Enables a UI plug-in to specify whether the standard property sheets should be displayed or hidden.


Enables a UI plug-in to post-process the core driver's results after a call to the DrvQueryJobAttributes DDI.

For more information, see Implementing Printer Driver COM Interfaces.

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