Line Continuation

GPD file entries that are too long to fit onto a single line can be continued on subsequent lines. To continue an entry, each line after the first must be preceded by a plus sign (+). The plus sign must be the first character on the line, without preceding white space, as illustrated in the following example:

+    LIST(
+        =RC_FONT_Courier_10pt_regular,
+        =RC_FONT_CGTimes_regular,
+        =RC_FONT_Univers_regular,
+        =RC_FONT_Univers_condensed_regular,
+        =RC_FONT_Antique_Olive_regular,
+        =RC_FONT_Albertus_Medium,
+        =RC_FONT_Albertus_Extra_Bold,
+        =RC_FONT_Courier_regular,
+        =RC_FONT_Letter_Gothic_regular,
+        =RC_FONT_Wingdings)

You do not need to use a line continuation character at the beginning of the following lines:

  • Lines that start with an asterisk.

  • Lines that start with a left brace.