Microsoft Universal Printer Driver

The Microsoft Universal print driver (Unidrv) is also referred to as the v3 print driver. The topics in this section show how to add minidrivers to Unidrv to support different printer models.

Introduction to the Universal Printer Driver

Introduction to GPD Files

Printer Attributes

Printer Commands

Printer Features

Printer Options

Printer Font Descriptions

Conditional Statements

Compressing Raster Data

Filtering Raster Data

Handling Color Formats

Halftoning with Unidrv

Controlling Image Quality

Handling Installable Features and Options

Specifying Feature and Option Display Order

Describing Printer Memory Configurations

Specifying Paper Sizes

Referencing Locales

Using Unidrv Vector Graphics Capabilities

Installing a Unidrv Minidriver

Unidrv Printer Minidriver Versioning

Adding Forms to the Forms Database