Option Entry Format

To specify a printer option entry in a GPD file, use the following format:

*Option: OptionName { OptionAttributes }

where OptionName is either the name of one of the predefined standard options or a customized option name, and OptionAttributes is a set of option attributes.

For an example of a set of *Option entries associated with a feature, see Feature Entry Format.

If you repeat an option specification, for example by specifying two or more *Option entries for the PaperSize feature's LETTER option, each duplicate option attribute within the *Option entry overwrites the previous one, and the GPD parser only retains the last one encountered. On the other hand, if the GPD parser encounters two or more *Feature entries for the PaperSize (or any other) feature, *Option entries not previously specified are added to the parser's database.

You can control the order in which options are displayed to the user. See Specifying Feature and Option Display Order.