Property Sheet Options

A property sheet option is a displayable, selectable item on a property sheet page. Typically, users can modify an option's value. CPSUI helps applications create options in a standard format, using a predefined set of CPSUI-supported window controls. Applications do not have to provide resources for these controls.

Each property sheet page typically contains several options. For each property sheet option, a CPSUI application must use the following CPSUI structures:

  • One OPTITEM structure, which identifies the option's display name and other characteristics.

  • One OPTTYPE structure, which identifies the option's display dialog type (CPSUI option type).

  • One or more OPTPARAM structures, which identify the option's user-selectable parameter values.

To use these CPSUI structures to describe property sheet options, the page containing the option must be defined using a COMPROPSHEETUI structure.