Standard Options

Standard options are those that are associated with standard features. They are identified by predefined names that the GPD language recognizes. Resource identifiers for strings that represent these names are contained in stdnames.gpd, which is supplied with the Microsoft Windows Driver Kit [WDK]. (This resource may not be available in some languages and countries.)

The following table lists the standard option names that are permitted for each standard feature. Use these names as arguments to *Option entries. The features that include Print Schema option keywords are option names that are automatically mapped to Print Schema option keywords. You can also map GPD options to Print Schema keywords manually by using the PrintSchemaKeywordMap attribute. The Print Schema is documented in the Microsoft Windows SDK.

Feature name Standard option names Default Print Schema option keywords Customized options allowed? Collate OFF ON Uncollated Collated No ColorMode No standard options. Yes. Also see Handling Color Formats and Controlling Image Quality. Duplex HORIZONTAL VERTICAL NONE TwoSidedShortEdge TwoSidedLongEdge OneSided No Halftone HT_PATSIZE_2x2 HT_PATSIZE_2x2_M HT_PATSIZE_4x4 HT_PATSIZE_4x4_M HT_PATSIZE_6x6 HT_PATSIZE_6x6_M HT_PATSIZE_8x8 HT_PATSIZE_8x8_M HT_PATSIZE_10x10 HT_PATSIZE_10x10_M HT_PATSIZE_12x12 HT_PATSIZE_12x12_M HT_PATSIZE_14x14 HT_PATSIZE_14x14_M HT_PATSIZE_16x16 HT_PATSIZE_16x16_M HT_PATSIZE_SUPERCELL HT_PATSIZE_SUPERCELL_M HT_PATSIZE_AUTO Yes. Also see Halftoning with Unidrv. InputBin AUTO CASSETTE ENVFEED ENVMANUAL Cassette Yes FORMSOURCE AutoSelect LARGECAPACITY LARGEFMT LOWER High MANUAL MIDDLE SMALLFMT Manual TRACTOR UPPER Tractor MediaType GLOSSY STANDARD TRANSPARENCY PhotographicGlossy Plain Transparency Yes. Also see Controlling Image Quality. Memory No standard options. Yes Orientation PORTRAIT LANDSCAPE_CC90 LANDSCAPE_CC270 (For more information about the latter two options, see Specifying Paper Orientation.) Portrait Landscape ReverseLandscape No PageProtect ON, OFF No 10X11 10X14 11X17 NorthAmerica10x11 NorthAmerica10x14 NorthAmerica11x17 PaperSize 12X11 15X11 Yes. Customized names must not exceed the length specified by CCHFORMNAME in wingdi.h. 9X11 A_PLUS NorthAmerica9x11 NorthAmericaSuperA A2 A3 ISOA2 ISOA3 A3_EXTRA A3_EXTRA_TRANSVERSE ISOA3Extra A3_ROTATED A3_TRANSVERSE ISOA3Rotated A4 A4_EXTRA A4_PLUS ISOA4 ISOA4Extra OtherMetricA4Plus A4_ROTATED A4_TRANSVERSE ISOA4Rotated A4SMALL A5 A5_EXTRA ISOA5 ISOA5Extra A5_ROTATED A5_TRANSVERSE ISOA5Rotated A6 A6_ROTATED B_PLUS B4 B4_JIS_ROTATED B5 B5_EXTRA ISOA6 ISOA6Rotated NorthAmericaSuperB JISB4 JISB4Rotated JISB5 ISOB5Extra B5_JIS_ROTATED B5_TRANSVERSE JISB5Rotated B6_JIS B6_JIS_ROTATED JISB6 JISB6Rotated CSHEET CUSTOMSIZE NorthAmericaCSheet DBL_JAPANESE_POSTCARD DBL_JAPANESE_POSTCARD_ROTATED DSHEET ENV_10 ENV_11 ENV_12 ENV_14 ENV_9 ENV_B4 ENV_B5 JapanDoubleHagakiPostcard JapanDoubleHagakiPostcardRotated NorthAmericaDSheet NorthAmericaNumber10Envelope NorthAmericaNumber11Envelope NorthAmericaNumber12Envelope NorthAmericaNumber14Envelope NorthAmericaNumber9Envelope ISOB4Envelope ISOB5Envelope ENV_B6 ENV_C3 ENV_C4 ENV_C5 ENV_C6 ENV_C65 ENV_DL ENV_INVITE ENV_ITALY ENV_MONARCH ENV_PERSONAL ESHEET EXECUTIVE FANFOLD_LGL_GERMAN ISOC3Envelope ISOC4Envelope ISOC5Envelope ISOC6Envelope ISOC6C5Envelope ISODLEnvelope OtherMetricInviteEnvelope OtherMetricItalianEnvelope NorthAmericaMonarchEnvelope NorthAmericaPersonalEnvelope NorthAmericaESheet NorthAmericaExecutive NorthAmericaGermanLegalFanfold FANFOLD_STD_GERMAN FANFOLD_US NorthAmericaGermanStandardFanfold FOLIO ISO_B4 JAPANESE_POSTCARD JAPANESE_POSTCARD_ROTATED JENV_CHOU3 JENV_CHOU3_ROTATED JENV_CHOU4 JENV_CHOU4_ROTATED JENV_KAKU2 JENV_KAKU2_ROTATED JENV_KAKU3 JENV_KAKU3_ROTATED JENV_YOU4 JENV_YOU4_ROTATED OtherMetricFolio ISOB4 JapanHagakiPostcard JapanHagakiPostcardRotated JapanChou3Envelope JapanChou3EnvelopeRotated JapanChou4Envelope JapanChou4EnvelopeRotated JapanKaku2Envelope JapanKaku2EnvelopeRotated JapanKaku3Envelope JapanKaku3EnvelopeRotated JapanYou4Envelope JapanYou4EnvelopeRotated LEDGER LEGAL LEGAL_EXTRA LETTER NorthAmericaLegal NorthAmericaLegalExtra NorthAmericaLetter LETTER_EXTRA LETTER_EXTRA_TRANSVERSE NorthAmericaLetterExtra LETTER_PLUS NorthAmericaLetterPlus LETTER_ROTATED LETTER_TRANSVERSE NorthAmericaLetterRotated LETTERSMALL NOTE P16K P16K_ROTATED P32K P32K_ROTATED NorthAmericaNote PRC16K PRC16KRotated PRC32K PRC32KRotated P32KBIG P32KBIG_ROTATED PRC32KBig PENV_1 PENV_1_ROTATED PENV_10 PENV_10_ROTATED PENV_2 PENV_2_ROTATED PENV_3 PENV_3_ROTATED PENV_4 PENV_4_ROTATED PENV_5 PENV_5_ROTATED PENV_6 PENV_6_ROTATED PENV_7 PENV_7_ROTATED PENV_8 PENV_8_ROTATED PENV_9 PENV_9_ROTATED QUARTO STATEMENT TABLOID TABLOID_EXTRA PRC1Envelope PRC1EnvelopeRotated PRC10Envelope PRC10EnvelopeRotated PRC2Envelope PRC2EnvelopeRotated PRC3Envelope PRC3EnvelopeRotated PRC4Envelope PRC4EnvelopeRotated PRC5Envelope PRC5EnvelopeRotated PRC6Envelope PRC6EnvelopeRotated PRC7Envelope PRC7EnvelopeRotated PRC8Envelope PRC8EnvelopeRotated PRC9Envelope PRC9EnvelopeRotated NorthAmericaQuarto NorthAmericaStatement NorthAmericaTabloid NorthAmericaTabloidExtra Resolution No standard options. Yes.

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