Using EnumFeatures

A caller can use EnumFeatures to retrieve a keyword list that contains currently supported driver features and all PPD features, in addition to the following, which Pscript treats as if they were features defined within PPD *OpenUI/*CloseUI structure keywords:



Pscript handles certain features in a special way. If more than one of *Resolution, *SetResolution, and *JCLResolution keyword appear in a PPD, they are merged into one standard feature. After merging, the feature's keyword name will be "JCLResolution" if *JCLResolution appears first; otherwise it will be "Resolution".

Note Some driver features (such as %Mirroring) are always supported, while other driver features are supported only under certain conditions. For example, when spooler EMF spooling is disabled on Windows 2000 and later operating system releases, the %PageOrder feature will not be supported. These unsupported driver features will not appear in the output keyword list of EnumFeatures.

For driver features, the keyword prefix "%" is included in the output. For PPD features, the keyword prefix "*" is not included in the output.

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