V4 Printer Driver User Interfaces

V4 print drivers support customization in both the Windows Desktop UI, and the Microsoft Store app UI.

Due to the very different natures of these experiences, these UIs must be implemented as two different applications. However, both are built upon a common COM API provided by the configuration module. Printer extensions support v4 print drivers in the desktop and work with all existing applications. And printer extensions also work in printer sharing scenarios with the enhanced Point and Print driver. Support is planned for all operating systems from Windows Vista through Windows 8.

UWP device apps support v4 print drivers in the Microsoft Store app UI. For more information about developing UWP device apps, see Developing a UWP device app for printing.

The following diagram shows a high level overview of the communication architecture between customized UIs and the print system.

high level overview of custom ui and print system communication

The following topics provide a more detailed look at the v4 print driver's support for user interfaces.

V4 Driver UI Architecture

Driver Support for Customized UI

Job Management

Device Maintenance

Printer Extensions

UWP device apps for Printers

v4 Printer Driver