Version 3 XPSDrv Print Driver Components

The Version 3 components of a XPSDrv print driver contain a configuration module and aconversion render module.

The configuration module of an XPSDrv print driver is based on the same architecture as earlier Version 3 print drivers. (Windows Vista also supports Universal print drivers (Unidrv) and PostScript (PScript5) print drivers that are based on generic printer definition (GPD) files and PostScript printer definition (PPD) files, respectively. Windows Vista also supports Unidrv or PScript5 print driver configuration plug-ins and monolithic print driver configuration modules.)

Microsoft Win32 applications print to XPSDrv print drivers by using the existing GDI print support API. The Microsoft-supplied conversion rendering module creates an XPS spool file from the incoming device driver interface (DDI) calls that GDI emits.

The following topics cover XPSDrv configuration issues:

XPDDrv Driver Options

XPSDrv Driver Requirements

XPSDrv Driver Recommendations

XPSDrv Driver Implementation

Unidrv-based or PScript5-based XPSDrv Driver Changes