Windows Print Path Overview

Windows provides two primary print paths and two additional conversion paths. The two primary print paths are:

  • GDI print path (similar to the Windows Server 2003 print path). This path is also called the Win32 path and originates in a Win32 application by using the GDI graphic API.

  • XPS print path. This path originates in a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application or from the XPS Print API.

The two conversion options are:

  • GDI-to-XPS conversion (MXDC).

  • XPS-to-GDI conversion (XGC).

General Data Flow

The following illustration shows the different print path and conversion options of the XPSDrv subsystem.

diagram illustrating the different print-path and conversion options of the xpsdrv subsystem

For more information about configuring the filter pipeline service, see Filter Pipeline Configuration File.

For more information about configuring the Version 3 Print Driver for Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, see Version 3 XPSDrv Print Driver Components.