Event Constants

The sensor platform defines the following constants for driver events.

Sensor Event Types

The sensor platform defines the following sensor event types identifiers.

Name Description
SENSOR_EVENT_DATA_UPDATED Indicates that new data is available.
SENSOR_EVENT_PROPERTY_CHANGED Indicates that a property value changed.
SENSOR_EVENT_STATE_CHANGED Indicates a change of operational state, for example, from SENSOR_STATE_INITIALIZING to SENSOR_STATE_READY.


The sensor platform defines the following PROPERTYKEYs to identify the parameters for sensor events.

Name Description
SENSOR_EVENT_PARAMETER_EVENT_ID Indicates that the GUID value in IPortableDeviceValues is an event type ID, such as SENSOR_EVENT_DATA_UPDATED.
SENSOR_EVENT_PARAMETER_STATE Indicates that the unsigned integer value in IPortableDeviceValues is a sensor state, such as SENSOR_STATE_READY. To raise a state changed event, call ISensorClassExtension::PostStateChange. You do not have to explicitly specify SENSOR_EVENT_PARAMETER_STATE to raise the event.


Minimum supported client Windows 7
Minimum supported server None supported
Version Available in Windows 7
Header Sensors.h

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