Testing Sensor Property Support

Use the Sensor Diagnostic Tool to test whether your driver and firmware support property retrieval. The tool invokes properties in the Sensor API to determine whether you support property retrieval.

Configuring the Sensor Diagnostic Tool to Retrieve Sensor Properties

To configure the diagnostic tool, so that it can retrieve the properties for an accelerometer, do the following:

  1. Expand the node for the accelerometer in the left Sensors pane and check the CONNECTED box.
  2. Click the accelerometer node in the left Sensors pane.

The Properties section of the right pane contains the updated property data for your sensor. This data corresponds to the properties supported by your device.

The Testing Sensor Events topic describes how to test whether your driver and firmware support change sensitivity and the current report interval. Refer to these sections to understand how you can use the tool to alter these settings while you test support for properties.

Testing Sensor Functionality
Testing Sensor Data Retrieval
Testing Sensor Events

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