MSFC_FibrePortHBAStatistics WMI Class

A WMI client uses the MSFC_FibrePortHBAStatistics class to query an HBA miniport driver for statistics related to a port on an HBA. The MSFC_FibrePortHBAStatistics class reports all of the information in the MSFC_HBAPortStatistics WMI Class plus some identifier information for the port.

The MSFC_FibrePortHBAStatistics class is defined as follows in Hbaapi.mof:

class MSFC_FibrePortHBAStatistics
    string InstanceName;
    boolean Active;
     Description ("Unique identifier for the port. "
                   "This identifier must be unique "
                   "among all ports on all adapters."
                   "The same value for the identifier "
                   "must be used for the same port "
                   "in other classes that expose port "
                   "information") : amended,
    uint64 UniquePortId;
    uint32 HBAStatus;
    // Note 4 byte padding
    [ WmiDataId(3) ]
    MSFC_HBAPortStatistics Statistics;

When compiled by the WMI tool suite this class definition produces the following data structure:


There are no methods associated with this WMI class.