SCSI Miniport Driver's HwScsiFindAdapter Routine

The operating system-specific port driver fills in as much of the PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION in the configuration information buffer as it can from the miniport driver's HW_INITIALIZATION_DATA (SCSI) specification and other sources in the system before calling the given HwScsiFindAdapter routine with a pointer to the configuration information buffer.

In general, an HwScsiFindAdapter routine is responsible for using the supplied configuration information and/or for calling ScsiPortXxx to collect sufficient configuration information to determine whether it supports an HBA on the I/O bus identified by the SystemIoBusNumber in the PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION supplied by the port driver. If so, HwScsiFindAdapter is responsible for filling in any remaining configuration information for the supported HBA in the PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION, for setting up the miniport driver's device extension with driver-determined state about that HBA, and for setting the Again parameter to an appropriate value before it returns control.

See PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION and HwScsiFindAdapter for more information.