External Transport Properties

The PROPSETID_EXT_TRANSPORT property set contains properties related to the control and transport of data from an external source, such as the type of signal that is transported and for searching to a specific location or timecode on the source's media. The following table describes the properties that are part of the PROPSETID_EXT_TRANSPORT property set.

PROPSETID_EXT_TRANSPORT KS properties Property description


Returns information on the capabilities of an external data transport, such as whether the device's media can be ejected, or the device can play backwards.


Controls the input signal mode of the transport, such as 525 lines, 60 hertz (NTSC) Standard Definition SD-DV, or MPEG2 transport stream.


Controls the output signal mode of the transport, such as 625 lines, 50 hertz (PAL) MPEG.


Controls the load medium of an external device, such as open tray, close tray, or eject.


Returns information about an external device's medium, such as whether it is a cassette tape or disc, and whether write protection is enabled.


Controls an external device's transport mode and state.


Controls notification of an external device's transport mode change or of its state change.


Specifies a timecode to search to, including frame, second, minute, and hour.


Specifies an absolute track number to search to on a tape.


Specifies a relative time counter to search to on a tape.


Controls a raw AV/C code to send to an external device.